Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pan de Amerikana, Katipunan Branch

Dinner with college buddies at Pan de Amerikana, Katipunan Branch. This was the second time I visited the place, and I liked it more because I’m with my friends. We had more time catching up with each other despite of our different working schedules.

We took a picture of the hang out we had last night, and on the top of our heads is an upside down dinner table! But don’t worry it never falls off, it’s safe.

Pan de Amerikana is the first and only upside down restaurant in Southeast Asia.  It caters Filipino dishes with cheap prices + unique ambience + country-inspired + music on the background.  Pan de Amerikana is one of the places you should never miss.  Also, you might like to visit their Marikina branch which is a chess-themed restaurant.


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