The Merlion

Singapore---Tourists are everywhere.

Mall of Asia's Eye Wheel

Las Pinas--- The "Eye wheel" is the tallest and largest ferris wheel in the country.

Concert at the Park

Manila---Mix presentations from dance, theater, and musical performances can be seen at the historical urban park

Sand bar

Marinduque---The place is called Palad because the sand bares during regular low tide, located in Maniwaya.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Art Fair Philippines 2014

We visited Art Fair Philippines 2014. The sixth and seventh floors of the Link car park in Makati City was turned into a contemporary Philippine art scene open to the public. Different forms of art were showcased---from traditional to modern and experimental. 
Below are some of the artworks:

Daniel Dela Cruz--Mixed Metals with Aluminum Chimes

Sculptured pingpong table





Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yexel's Toy Museum

Yexel's Toy Museum is located at Pilar Village, Sampaguita St., Las Pinas City. The entrance fee costs 300-pesos which is worth the pay as you will see a numerous of small to life-sized collections of various toys.

Facade of Yexel's Toy museum

Superman will greet you at the entrance

Yexel's Toy Museum is a three-storey building full of toy collections and life-sized action figures. Aside from life-sized figures, you'll be amazed of the very huge head of Optimus Prime which according to our guide was worth 2-million pesos. 

The Optimus prime

According to our guide, the plan is to build the whole frame of Optimus Prime but because of the limited space they only get to build the half of the robot's body. He also added that they were planning to transfer in Makati to have a bigger space to finish Optimus Prime and accommodate more toy collections.

The toy museum is owned by toy collector/ hobbyist, Yexel Sebastian, who actually started from just collecting toys in kiddie meals when he was a kid. 

Wacky face of the owner, Yexel.

The toy museum is perfect for kids and kids at heart. :D

The Incredibles

Lightning McQueen

Toy Story

The Simpsons

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mt. Pulag

The view from campsite 1

Ambuklao Dam


With my friends at DENR

Farm terraces

Mt. Pulag located in Benguet is the highest peak in Luzon and third in the Philippines.

Mt. Pulag was a dream climb. We witnessed the open view upon reaching the summit --- a heaven on top of the world, a view beyond your expectation, a majestic sea of clouds. But these were only scenes that ran in my mind.  These are the things I looked forward to when we joined an organized trip to Mt. Pulag.
Unfortunately, not all climb stories has a happy ending, sometimes it ends with a twist just like what happened to us.

This is not a fairytale-like post compared to other bloggers’ post that definitely described a clearing on the top of the mountain. [*Sob*]

To cut this story, we didn’t reach the summit due to bad weather.

The sun was about to set when we reached Camp 2, the weather is clear and we have witnessed the sunset. I thought the sky would be clear in the morning. But sometimes we cannot predict the weather. That night, the wind grew strong and the heavy rain poured down. We were all hoping that it would stop. We woke up at 3am and brave the wind and rain. We are hoping that the rain would stop during our assault to summit. However, the wind and rain were really strong that we decided to abort the trek and just return to the camp.

At 9am, we packed our things and tent under the chilling rain and freezing weather. We are soaking wet as we descent.

But all of us were happy. It is still a grateful experience. Sabi nga nila, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

Because of that journey...
1.  I met new fellow travellers/ hikers
Some photos taken by Erlyn dela Cruz
2.   I experienced top load (to ride on top of a Monster jeepney)

3. My first time to camp overnight and sleep in a tent
Grassland at Mt. Pulag

4.   First time to see clouds above me on a mountain top

A friend also told me that Mt. Pulag is just there and we can go back anytime we want. And we will go back and have that sweet revenge to conquer it again.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mt. Pulag, January 2014 (Video)

If you can't watch the video, here's the link of our journey to Mt. Pulag

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