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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fortune Telling around Quiapo Church

Some people would say that only God knows what could happen in your life, but in some cases, there are people who would say that your destiny is already written on your palm — and they are called fortune tellers.

 When I was a kid, my lola from my maternal side claimed that she knows how to do palm reading. From then on, I believed that she can read people’s destiny through their palms. I remember, I boasted it to my closest friends in elementary and asked my lola to read their palms and tell us what she saw. She read one of my classmate’s palm, she envisioned that my classmate would go to abroad. After four years, it came true. I asked my lola how to do palmistry, and she told me that major lines in palm signify health, career, love life, etc. Of course, I was amazed of my lola’s ability to psych out. Another thing, my mother also knows how to foresee a situation before it occurs by asking her playing cards. She told me before that I should not play with her cards because it might tell a lie the next time she’ll use it.

After a couple of years, I tried the other way how Filipinos seek relief and hope to their problems which is through watching the manghuhulas of Quiapo shuffle their tarot cards. Answering your questions from the normal playing cards cost P50.00 and P100.00 for the tarot cards. The session lasted for 30 minutes with two sessions. The first part: I was a asked to think of a question which is answerable by yes, no, or maybe, after that I pulled a card from the shuffled and the fortune teller said the answer. The second part was basically she shuffled the tarot deck and picked the cards one by one and she told me what my career, health, love life, family, and flow of money would be in the future.

I took the activity seriously, and asked questions for real. But still, i can’t rely my destiny on cards and fortune tellers. I believe in my faith that the man is the driver of his life and that whatever happens to him is a consequence of his action and the will of God. This activity just strengthen my faith for what I believe in.

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