Sunday, March 31, 2013

Things to consider in Traveling to Ilocos

Our itinerary trip was adapted from the blogs I stumbled across while doing my research for this trip.

As a first-time traveler in Ilocos, of course, I needed a little help from travel blogs. This gave me an idea to travel Ilocos from north to south so it will lessen our traveling time returning to Manila.

Things to consider if traveling to Ilocos:

1.       Planning this trip requires a lot of research because it was our first time to visit Ilocos region. Aside from that, I’ve seen online that there are many scenic places to visit in this region that’s why there should be a list of places not to be missed in visiting Ilocos. Your research should include the places you’d like to visit.

2.       Make an itinerary after listing down the places you would visit. Itinerary is important because you don’t want to miss something on your list. Of course, you can know these places from your tour guide but is better if you’d make you own research of the places you’ll be visiting.

Make sure that you have enough time to see the places on your list. Ilocos trip is best for three days and two nights. However, I adjusted our itinerary for two days and a night.  

3.       Another thing we have considered is the budget. Make a specific budget list—from transportation and food expense to accomodation and tour rates. My Ilocos buddy kept on asking me how much money we should allot. That’s why I also have to research the expenses and at the same time contact people in ilocos for the accomodation and tour rates.

Rates are expected to increase triple on peak season. Unfortunately, we haven’t booked our flight to Ilocos ahead of time because this trip was decided three weeks before the actual date.

4.       Plan ahead and book your flight months before the actual date of your trip. Also, watch out for airline promos because this can give you cheap thrills.

Since I don’t want to spend for a pricey flight, I preferred to take a bus going to Ilocos, besides, I think we can endure long hours of travel.

Don’t forget to allocate for contingency just in case you overspend. But please, stick to your budget plan.

5.       Search through internet an affordable place you can stay. I already expected that hotels and transient houses in Ilocos are fully booked because this trip was scheduled on a Holy week. I contacted more than ten hotels and transient houses until a tour guide that I texted (his number was posted in numerous blog) helped us in finding a stay-in house for a night. I also inquired him about the rates he could offer as our tour guide. He was so kind and helpful.

6.       Bring more foods and water for the 10-hour trip. Don’t worry about taking a pee because there are buses with toilets. Also, the bus going to ilocos has stop-overs where you can de-load and buy foods.

Also, bring more foods if you’re planning to stay near the blue lagoon area in ilocos norte because foods there a bit pricey. You don’t want to either get yourself hungry or tear your pockets out.

7.       Bring sunscreen, first aid kits, and other necessary things in your trip. Don’t forget your camera!


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