Saturday, March 16, 2013

Filling Bar Station in Makati

Filling Bar Station is a 24-hr bar cafe situated in P. Burgos st., Makati City. It can be your usual breakfast place in the morning or it can be your chill out bar at night. 


Wine and drinks will welcome you upon entering the place.


The bar cafe is located at the second floor of the building so you really can't miss the classic movie posters and artifacts on the walls because it's everywhere.


The bar cafe is known for its American diner 50s theme.

The place is full of classic movie posters, vinyls hanging from the ceiling and other kitschy items. 
It's odd to see bikes hanging from the ceiling.
And a motorbike inside a bar
Jessi and I
There's a billiard pool for the customers.

I bet this place would look like child-friendly in daytime with all those life-sized statues of Elvis, Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman, Superman and other fellas (minus the yellowish light :P)
Nostalgic for a 90s kid.


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