Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cubao X

Cubao X is just a walk from MRT Cubao Station. It’s just behind Rustan’s. When I saw Cubao X, honestly, I said to myself this place looks like it was left behind by all large establishments around the area of Cubao. Well, the place has its kitschy ambiance. The whole place is a rarity. Now, let's take a walk and see what I found inside the hipsters' crib.

1. Antique Shops/ Thrift Shops. 

You can find many original and old stuff here like novelty items, books, magazines, vintage clothes and vinyls which you can actually add in your collection or buy as a souvenir gift item.

 2. Art galleries. Cubao X is like a second home to artists. They also hosts performances and art exhibitions.

4. Restaurants. 
Bellini's Restaurant
Penpen's Restaurant
3. Art-cum-Cafes
Fred's Revolucion


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