Sunday, February 12, 2012

17th Philippine Int'l Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

I’ve missed the first flights of the hot air balloons in the morning because the bus left Ortigas area around 7am, so my fellow commuters and I arrived 9:30am at the Clark Freeport zone(CFZ) in Pampanga. I didn’t consider to take public transports to the CFZ since I’ve read over the internet that getting a ride from Dau bus station to CFZ is not that easy. I purchased in advance a round-trip bus transfer from Manila plus admission ticket because I don’t want to see myself lining-up with hundreds of people who want to buy tickets. The traffic had been getting heavier as the bus approached the site. People who were excited had to walk the long road to the hot air balloon site.

Below is the list of what I’ve seen during the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival:
1. Kite Flying/Exhibition

2. Sky Diving
3. Rescue demos
4. Paragliding
5. Ultralight
6. RC Airplanes
7. Auto Drifting
8. Hot Air Balloons
 9. Fireworks Display


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