Sunday, May 1, 2011

Carlagan Island, Quezon

Carlagan Island, Quezon Province

Fast facts:
1. It is a barangay of the Philippine municipality Burdeos in the province Quezon.
2. The residents in the island is  more or less around 2,000.
3. It is a 2-hour banca ride from Burdeos town proper.
4. They get their electricity from the solar panels, but not all of the houses here have electricity .
5. They get their potable water from the mountains.
6. They only have an elementary school.
7. You can buy the cheapest sea foods here.
Locals call it "lagoon" or "swimming pools."

Lots of sea urchins along the way, so better wear rubber shoes or slippers
The Pacific Ocean.


In Avril 2014, I lived 1 month in this island... and i left my heart there...

I want come back for helping people (i'm volunteer):
you know associations, team, missions?

I'm Italian boy.

Your information is VERY importatn for me.
Many thanks! :-)

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