Tuesday, May 11, 2010



 What you can see and do in Marinduque?

 1. Morion. Marinduque is best known for its Lenten Moriones Festival in the capital of Boac. The locals especially the male participants don masks depicting Roman soldiers called Morion.

2.  Boracay-like beach minus the bar and drinks. You can also enjoy the serene Poctoy beach in Torrijos that can be compared to Boracay because of its fine and white sand. However, there is no bar and party place here, only souvenir shops and tiangge-an. 

3. Step foot on the sand bar. It’s a place you should never miss when you go here. The place is called Palad because the sand bares during regular low tide, located in Maniwaya. 

4. Go spelunking. If you’re into caving activity, you should visit the known Bathala Caves that consist 26 spectacular chambers.
 5. Or, soak yourself into the therapeutic sulfur springs in Malbog, Buenavista.

 6. Visit the historical church in Sta. Cruz. This church has fortress-like designs and antique decorations. This was built during the colonial era.


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